Read "Pouchkine" ^^ As you guys may know, I have been learning Russian for two years now, so I am not very fluent but I have some kind of crush on Russia, it's traditional art and language. In Strasbourg, we have this lovely shop called "Rue Pouchkine", (just behind me!) in front of which I could have stayed hours when I was a kid, amazed by all the beauty of sculptures and delicate paintings. I would absolutely love to visit this country once!
I am also very happy to introduce you to Modress.com, an e-shop specialized in affordable fashion shoes! I chose these lovely beige sandals, I think they are easy to associate with any style and color without trying too hard. I also hesitated with open-toe stilettos in the same shade, I really like nude in summertime ;)


Credit card in one hand, wish list in the other... Ready steady go for the sales in France in three days! I have a few items I've been waiting to buy because of their price and that I will most likely jump on when they get cheaper! I definitely love this time of year and even if I do understand the rants about this commercial event, for a student their are just awesome. I can tell you will be looking for good quality black pants, a swimsuit, perhaps some pajamas and anything I get a crush on ;)


What better than a sparkle skirt and heels for a chic party look in summer time? :) I actually thought that this bronze sequins would look nice with dark greyish-blue hints! As I said on my latest post, I like statement pieces that do all the job instead of heavy accessories, I like to have free moves!

Vitrine en cours

During summer time, I like statement items just like this dress, especially when we go out at night for a party like last Saturday friend's birthday party! I don't like having any bag or heavy jewels to care about, so that I can enjoy the moment while the piece just stands for itself  :) I think it would also be awesome for a wedding!
By the way, I got asked for the third or four time in a little interview: "How would you describe your own style in a few words?" I always answer that I have no idea, at least I know I'm not minimalist or seapunk! What would you say? ^^

Oiseau du soir

These past days, I have been some undefined thing lying on a bed with iced water down the throat and no other activity than spraying a refreshing mist on my face while watching shows. The weather has been suffocating here in Strasbourg, we reached 40°C today, without wind or humidity. Why on earth isn't there any sea or ocean nearby?! I'm beginning to be some kind of night bird, I go out at night and light button down shirts and mini skirts are my best friends! :)


This awesome jacket reminds me of some floor mosaics, don't you think? ;) As you may know, I am really into anything printed and embroidered, although jackets aren't exactly needed these days here in Strasbourg. It's already quite hot, so we went out at 7:30 this morning to take these pictures! The city is amazing when nobody is around especially on touristic areas, we can take out pictures without caring about cars on the streets. Then we went for a spin and landed at the lovely "Atelier de Grand'père", a nice restaurant famous for their brunches :)

Birds - Blogging tips

I've been blogging for one year and a half now, so I don't feel like an expert in any way! Don't get me wrong, I have still so much to learn and improve about my blog, but looking back to what it used to be I felt I could share with you a few tips that really made a difference in the way Maxce looks and evolves, the difficulties that occur, It all comes from my personal experience ;) It's definitely not about being successful, but more importantly it's about being proud and happy of you blog and making it nice to read!

And I said YES!

Grande nouvelle! Il y a une semaine, j'ai eu une sacrée surprise... Maxime m'a demandé si je voulais devenir Madame L. au lieu de Mademoiselle J. Et j'ai dit oui! Maxime et moi sommes donc officiellement fiancés!
J'ai ouvert de grand yeux en voyant cette somptueuse bague, je ne la quitte plus! Comme vous le savez peut-être, nous vivons déjà ensemble depuis presque trois ans, donc techniquement peu de changements, mais nous sommes très heureux :D