DIY Statement boots (removable)

You will probably think, "these boots are already a statement with their glittery heels", indeed yes but these were the best to use as an example for this DIY! It's a cute way to turn a casual old pair of ankle boots into a cool eye-catching accessory :)

Early spring day

I'm on holiday! The weather is sooo good here in Strasbourg, I'm spending a week at my parent's while Maxime goes skiing in Austria. I am awfully bad at skiing, in fact I fell once and hurt my shoulder, I've been since not very keen on that sport. Anyway I'm having a good time, going to cafés, making decoration plans for our new home, enjoying my new Instagram, honestly how could I live without it ;)

Pasta with shrimps and green pepper

I'm mad about shrimps these days, I've no idea why! Yesterday, I tried to cook them in a different way, I had no recipe so this was quite experimental, but as the result was not that bad, I decided to share it with you!

Hat series #7: Monsoon hat

Last look from the hat series, I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I did! It gave me the idea to make one day some other series about shoes or jewels perhaps... Now I have super exciting news, I finally got an Instagram account, follow me here ;) !

Hat series #5: H&M hat

Another hat look, this time wearing what is probably going to be my carnival dress, a vintage 80's, absolutely gorgeous but quite unwearable at a casual party ;) I have been wearing this wide fedora on so many occasions, it's effortless chic and as I already said (and insisted on it!), hats can really make an outfit!

Un autre look "chapeau", avec ce qui sera probablement ma robe pour carnaval, une sublime trouvaille vintage 80's, originale et impressionnante mais quasi importable pour une soirée "normale" ;) J'ai déjà porté ce fedora à larges bords à de très nombreuses occasions, comme je l'ai déjà dit (et j'insiste ;)), une bon  chapeau peut faire la tenue!

Hat series #4: Zara floppy hat

Fourth look of the Hat series! My favorie summer hat, super wide, feminine and chic, I absolutely love it! Today was so so busy dealing with the real estate agent for our new apartment, we may have found a lovely one, fingers crossed ;)

Hat series #3: Ecua Andino hat

Third look of the hat series! I had to include my classical black top quality wool Ecua Andino hat, it's one of my staples. You guys need to invest in a good hat! I love the way it can complete an outfit and give it a stylish touch, but that day it was also very practical. Crazy Spring weather, rain, sun, both together, snow... I was quite happy to have it protecting my little head (and my hair)! It's so soft and warm ;)

Troisième look des hat series! Impossible de ne pas inclure un grand classique, celui-ci est en laine de chez Ecua-Andino et est juste parfait, à mon sens tout le monde devrait investir dans un bon chapeau de super qualité! Il complète les tenues un peu trop banales et les rend tout de suite plus interessantes, mais quand nous avons pris ces photos j'étais aussi ravie de l'avoir pour son côté pratique! Temps dingue de printemps, entre la neige, la pluie, le soleil voire les deux en même temps, comme il est tout doux et assez épais il m'a permis de protéger ma petite tête (et ma coiffure) ;) 

Hat series #1: Saint James cap

I'm introducing today a new project! You may know how found I am of hats in general, and I while packing recently for my upcoming apartment move, I noticed that I had quite a lot of them. So I got the idea to do these "Hat series"! Starting from today and for about a week, I will post a new portrait on every evening, featuring one of my beloved hats, from fedoras to beanies, floppy hats and caps! I have so much fun doing that, as it's a little different from my usual outfit posts, although a few of them will feature a complete outfit. Stay tuned ;)!

Bleu gris & other stories

Many people, especially around me, keep asking me if I would make some Youtube videos, for DIY, cooking of makeup tutorials, so I thought that I should give an "official" explanation: Not for the time being. I tried once to film one, but with my strong frenchie accent, my awkward attitude that makes me look mannered and the awful sound quality, I felt completely out of place. I love watching other blogger's tutorials or vlogs but I don't feel ready at all. And after seeing the hateful comments below the videos, I wonder if Youtube would really be the best way to feel self-confident... Of course it would be way easier for you to see how I make a DIY or a dish, but for now I prefer doing my best in writing it ;)

Cuisine: Potato galettes

A super easy and delicious recipe, perfect when my fridge is almost empty! This one of the best recipes from my grandmother Mamie Chat, in South Alsace it is called "Artäpfel kiarla" ;)