Cuisine: risotto aux champignons

This is what I cooked a few days ago for Maxime's 25th birthday! He loves risotto and mushrooms quite as much as I do! I have no idea if I do it right but this is the way I learned to cook it ;)


In general, I am absolutely pleased to live in a provincial city, Strasbourg, rather than in the French capital Paris, although I really love the beautiful monuments, the cafés and the atmosphere, I can't see myself live there. The city is so big, the rents are so expensive, it takes hours on public transportations to go back home, I think that this place is somehow exhausting. But I sometimes regret not to be living there, only because it would be waaaay easier to develop my hobby (blogging!). Almost all the designers, famous or not, did settle in Paris, fashion events are taking place every week end and this would be such a great opportunity to meet new people. Yesterday, I got once again so frustrated to turn down an invitation to a show room. Plus there are so many foreign brands that opened stores, fashion magazines keep telling us about wonderful places, pubs, shows or private sales, but always only in Paris... Everything happens there! I feel so disheartened when I think about all the great things I could get if only I lived in the capital city. Please sncf (French railway company), lower your ticket prices. 

Birthday girl!

Two days ago was my birthday! I am now 22 years old. I got soooo spoiled and felt extremely happy to get dozens of birthday wishes from friends and from all of you guys, thank you <3! By the way, MAXCE is going to be one year old at the end of this month, I am planning a little surprise for this special occasion! Time fled so quickly (I say this at the end of each schoolyear!)
So this outfit is the one I chose for my birthday! I am definitely a huge fan of Mango this season ;)

Wild heart

Yesterday was my 22d birthday! I spent it with my family and friends. We had a lovely lunch and I got so many presents and good wishes! I feel like a spoiled little girl :D
This wasn't the outfit I wore for this special occasion, I will post the pictures this upcoming week! I chose this cute dress for a dinner with Maxime. I wasn't first thrilled when I saw it at Mango, the shape seemed a little weird but when I tried it on I really loved the little ruffled skirt :)