A la Russe

During Fall and Winter, I can't live without a thick shawl wrapped around my neck, but I don't want to give up elegance and femininity. Nothing is better than statement printed shawls! They're as elegant as necklaces and definitely add the final touch to any outfit. They are such eye-catchers and so luxurious looking, they can immediately give that sophisticated twist and a je-ne-sais-quoi to a casual look! Since I recently discovered the A la Russe shawls, I have been completely obsessed with it. As you may know, I have a keen interest in Russian language (I am learning it a university), culture and art. I love the traditional rich patterns on the fabrics, the vases, the beautiful Matrioshkas... I am amazed by the savoir-faire of Russian artists and designers! It would really be my dream to visit Russia one day, I think it must be so interesting!
I've been wearing my new blue shawl "Xenia" (what a gorgeous name!) every single day, it is so warm, soft and comfortable! The colors are beyond gorgeous, and I think it is such a cool and stylish way to dress in winter (and Slavic people do know about freezing winters! I've always though that Russian ladies were so elegant and sophisticated, and they are amazingly beautiful! They are icons of woman fashion and beauty, no wonder that Yves Saint Laurent found some inspiration in the traditional Russian clothing for his famous 1976 collection! I also loved this show). So this shawl is definitely my must have for the season :)

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A day in Switzerland

Yesterday, Maxime and I went to Switzerland, in Basel. It's quite close to our home, so it wasn't much af a big journey, but it still feels like a complete change, as the language and the currency are so different from our country's. People there are so kind, every time I go there, I feel so carefree and safe, I really enjoy that place! We took a stroll through the beautiful streets of the city, bought some delicatessen (cheese with italian truffles >< !) huh bad idea to bring me to these kind of shops! And then we spent some time watching people swimming in the Rhine (!).
Tomorrow I have to go back to university, third year... I strangely switched at once to my fall-winter mood, even my food has changed, and I am now drinking russian tea and watching some old Agatha Christie's movies, the best way to get prepared ;)

DIY embroidery tutorial

Tadaa! I finally took the time to do for you this (most requested) DIY embroidery tutorial! The technique isn't really difficult but you need to be very patient. It's a perfect activity when you're watching a movie at home if you're like me, unable to sit quietly on your sofa without doing anything else :)
This is my very first tutorial, I hope you'll find it complete! If you need further explanation, please ask me! ;)