Cuisine! Chicken with cider

First Cuisine post! This is one of my grandmother's recipes, and I got from her this love for cooking. I'm trying to eat the healthiest and the most balanced I can, but as you may know, French Cuisine, especially Alsacian one is not really the best in the world to stay in shape! Anyway I hope you'll enjoy this, please let me know if you try it at home!

you'll need: (the quantities are very free, just follow your own taste. my grandmother never weight anything!)

-chicken breast, one per person
-sliced carrots
-a bottle of dry cider
-one or two onions
-salt and pepper
-some flour 

1) In a large pot, briefly grill the chicken, than take it out of the pot and grill the onions, add the carrots, the chicken, the thyme, the salt and pepper and cover with cider. let it slowly cook for an hour, but regularly stir and add some water if you feel that the carrots need more time to cook.

2) when the sauce is well evaporated (there still must be liquid enough. If you want more sauce, than stop the cooking earlier or add half a glass of water, half of cider.) add a table spoon of flour, stir, and  let it cook for about a minute, than add two or three table spoon of cream. just let it a few more minutes (no boiling!), and it's ready!

3) Prepare the quinoa following the instructions on the package. of course you can do this while your chicken is cooking. 

All materials and photo credits © Maxce

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