I am so excited today, Maxime and I have planned to go to Paris next month. Not for a definite reason actually, we will be there weeks after the fashion week, and we don't have any appointment, but still, it's a very pretty city, so we will take the time to visit and relax in the cafés and beautiful gardens. I love museums as much as luxury shops, so this will me a great opportunity to see a lot of treasures! Last time I visited the Egyptian section of the Musée du Louvre, I've enjoyed it so much! I had announced that we would go to Greece last December, but we decided to go there in October of this year. We're not even sure to go there or to go to Italy :p Anyway it will be in southern Europe, which is why we decided not to go during summer time: neither Maxime nor I like too hot temperatures, it's really not nice if you have planned to visit! 

DIY jacket

Yep. I did get these famous shorts. I actually thought about it carefully, not that I wasn't sure I liked them, but mostly because almost every blogger has them, there is not a single day without seeing them on lookbook.nu. So the question was: do I follow the trend and buy these shorts I really like, or do I reject them only because everyone has them (true fashionista dilemma!). I came to the conclusion that I didn't care about people saying that this is just silly, copying a trend. Does anyone say such thing when a girl is wearing blue jeans?! Let us say that these shorts have become a staple piece of clothes. Well done Zara! The truth is, they're just perfect and easy to style!

I made this DIY jacket last week. It's an old 123 jacket on which I sewed an embroidered ribbon I got on Etsy, I hope you like it :) 


I have a real crush on Aztec prints now, after the Asiatic ones. I couldn't wait to wear this dress, but the weather got utterly crazy this week, which is why I didn't post any outfit of the day, because I was actually at home all week in a swimsuit. It was so hot, 38°C outside, I spent the all days half asleep, drinking tones of water. I pity Maxime who had to go to work, and my poor rabbit even more, he must have suffered in his thick fur. He spent three days locked in the bathroom, it was the coolest room in the house... Anyway now the temperature has dropped. This is quite funny, I write a lot about the weather (just happened to notice it), but in fact we totally depend on it to take good pictures, it's one of the main ingredients! I promise I will try not to talk all the time about it ;)

Coquilles Saint Jacques, sauce Champagne

Scallops are one of my favorites seashells. They are so tasty and delicious! Here is how I prepare them for special occasions, are they are quite expensive. Champagne sauce is also definitely not cheap, but I  have some tricks, first because I think it's a bit sad to use Champagne in a sauce, but also because it will help you to lower your budget!

DIY fan clutch

I absolutely loved the fan shaped clutch by Lulu Guinness when I saw it! I thought it was so elegant and pretty, but not in my budget, so I decided to do my own, inspired by it. The original one has no "tail", is larger and the decoration is embroidered. I went for a simpler version! See the full DIY at the end of this post ;)

Waves and blooms

As you may know, I am a huge admirer of Miranda Kerr. I love her philosophy and her great sense of style! Recently, she wore a beautiful Proenza Shouler jacquard skirt, but sadly it was way too expensive for me, so I tried to find a fabric looking like the one of  which the skirt was made, and I was very lucky to find this one, a 70's vintage fabric on Etsy!

La cuisine de Mamie Chat # 3

Bouchées à la reine

Again, it has been a while since I haven't posted any recipe! Here is one of my favorites by my grandmother Mamie Chat. This is a very simple dish she makes when she has some chicken left. If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen that I cooked a roasted chicken. Well this is a way not to waist food, and it's delicious!

Hedera Helix

I have been crazy about prints recently, especially Asiatic prints! I have always loved Asian art, and it was heaven for me to see read-to-wear brands offering Asiatic inspired items, like kimonos. Sadly my low budget doesn't allow me to buy any of them. Thinking of that, I started to search my closet to see if I had anything remembering this trend. I don't have a huge wardrobe, but still sometimes I forget I have some of my old clothes. And I found this pretty bag I bought ages ago when I was in Berlin. The funny thing is, it represents the tapestry of one of the rooms, which was already at that time inspired by Asia!